• What are cork slippers?

    What are cork slippers?

    Cork is the product of the outer bark of a very developed tree species, and the stems and roots thicken the surface protective tissue after growth. It was used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome to make fishing net floats, insoles, corks, etc. Cork’s honeycomb hollow air-filled cell structure and unique chemical composition determine that it has good properties such as natural non-toxicity, shock absorption, anti-skid, comfort, heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation, and not easy to age. Cork can be called renewable natural elasticity. “plastic”. Cork slippers are easy to wear,
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  • Popular Color : The Color Trend of Women’s 2021

    Popular Color : The Color Trend of Women’s 2021

    Driven by the need for comfort and cautious optimism, key colors of the season have emerged, from soft pastel to saturated bright.Versatile Party wear has become a key selling point, consumers are eager to wear items that can be worn day and night, and at the same time, they want to maintain subversive sexy charm at night.It is predicted that the color of this season will be simple and natural.01 Truffle + BohemianSoft volume and wavy texture update the outline. These layers are designed on the basis of flower printing, bringing relaxed atmosphere for autumn and winter.02 Mix and match of beig
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  • Roaring Sea shipping Freight

    Roaring Sea shipping Freight

    On July 30th, Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) rose to 4,196 points from 4,100 points a week ago. At the end of June the index stood at 3905. This four times than the average point by history.By considering the highly demand from China and challenge on supply chain, Hapag-Lloyd has announced to charge VAD , and MSC will charge the port congestion on cargo from Asia to US and Canada.The sharp rise in long term rates followed even steeper rises in spot container rates. For European imports spot rates jumped a massive 49.1% in July, to over $13,000 per feu for Freight All Kinds (FAK),
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  • Essential Trends 2021SS

    Essential Trends 2021SS

    Picking your summer sandals may be one of the most important decisions of the season. They need to be relatively comfortable, look good with most of your warm-weather wardrobe and tick all the vacation boxes, too.There is a sensible sandal option that remains a fashion-girl fave: the footbed cork sandal . No longer reserved for art teachers or hippies, the shoe has been gaining momentum and they're sticking around for this season at least.When we new trends come for 2021ss, we made all these essential onto our sole , padded woven strap, Gold Chains, Handmade Knit ,Topics Printing, Jute Coverin
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  • Sourcing at Magic Show – Las Vegas 2023

    Las Vegas Fashion Week: Sourcing at Magic SOURCING at MAGIC is a domestic and international gathering of manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers from apparel and footwear manufacturing, to textiles, materials, components, supply chain, and technology solutions. By the coming Aug , the Sourcing Magic at Las Vegas , Aug 7-9th , 2023. Itgathering of manufacturers, suppliers and service providers from apparel and footwear manufacturing, to textiles, materials, components, supply chain, and technology solutions – both in-person and online After three year of covid-19 , Funstep start
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  • Fashion Trends 2022ss

    Essential Trends 2022SS Fashion 1: Golden Chain There’s something about gold hardwarein the summer sun. Girls needs all the warmth it can get and that includes rich gold toned hardware. Glam up in beach with a strappy pair of cork sliders with gold chain. With these beauties, you can keep the rest or your look simple. Fashion 2 :Transparent Step outside your comfort zone and take a walk on the wild side in Transparent sandal. Treat your self to a pair of transparent to tick two shoe trends off in one. Showing your shoes is a clean and simple way to make your outfit pop without appeari
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  • Fashion big names are all in the layout, what is the prospect of sustainable footwear?

    Fashion big names are all in the layout, what is the prospect of sustainable footwear?

    When environmental protection has become a hot topic in the fashion industry, low-carbon, sustainable, and circularity are being included in more strategic keywords for fashion companies. On July 26, American footwear brand Crocs, the originator of hole shoes, announced plans to become a zero-carbon company in 2030.Calochi, a shoe brand that focuses on leisure and comfort, is compatible with environmental protection concepts such as naturalness, sustainability and recycling. It is not difficult to understand that it proposes a zero-carbon emission plan. According to the Crocs plan, in the futu
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