What are cork slippers?

Cork is the product of the outer bark of a very developed tree species, and the stems and roots thicken the surface protective tissue after growth. It was used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome to make fishing net floats, insoles, corks, etc.


Cork’s honeycomb hollow air-filled cell structure and unique chemical composition determine that it has good properties such as natural non-toxicity, shock absorption, anti-skid, comfort, heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation, and not easy to age. Cork can be called renewable natural elasticity. “plastic”.


Cork slippers are easy to wear, their midsole design combines the art of ergonomics and material science to recreate a surface suitable for human walking, liberate our feet, and help them return to natural functioning and healthy sides. , The shoe body structure is fan-shaped from the heel to the toe, giving the toes sufficient space for movement, and will not cause hallux valgus due to squeezing the toes like wearing pointed shoes; the completely flat design allows the heel to bear the weight The responsibility to give the foot a comfortable feeling. Cork slippers should not be soaked in water for cleaning. If they are dirty, use a small soft brush to gently brush them, rinse them with water, and put them in a cool and ventilated place to dry.


The founder of Funstep, David Chen, started the shoes business as a salesman, after more than 15 years experience with shoes manufacturing, developing and exporting on various type of shoes, we decided to focus on the birken style shoes by our own concept.

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